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Are you looking to host a brand activation event? Perhaps you’re attending a conference or exhibition and are seeking a way to make your company stand out from the rest.

There is no finer way to accomplish this than with the aromatic delights of freshly brewed coffee. If this is something that takes your fancy, call Tom’s Coffee on 03333 444917 and request our barista hire, London.

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Professional Barista Hire in London

Coffee is the drink that makes the whole world go around. It’s a beverage that is great whether enjoyed as a pick-me-up in the morning or as a drink to relax with while chatting with friends. It also just so happens to be an excellent marketing tool that is worth taking advantage of. Here at Tom’s Coffee, we’re committed to bringing great tasting coffee to brand activation events as well as barista hire, London clients will rave about.

Our London barista hire services are available for events, exhibitions, and conferences up and down the country as well as throughout the capital. Whether you’re an attendee or a host, make no mistake that Tom’s Coffee will be a defining moment for your brand. Our presence will enable you to engage with potential clients, foster new relationships, and discover many rewarding opportunities.

Barista Hire London Has Never Previously Experienced Before

When made at home, coffee never tastes quite the same as it does when it’s made by a professional. This is why so many frequent their local coffee shop on a daily basis for a coffee brewed to perfection by an experienced barista. Hire in London the team at Tom’s Coffee, and you’ll have the option to utilise that much-loved experience in a marketing capacity.

Our professional uniformed baristas can deliver a level of quality in a way that no machine can replicate. After all, they know what makes an exceptional cup of coffee and what is necessary to ensure that each cup is prepared correctly. They’ll oversee the stand for the duration that they are required for, ensuring that your customers are taken care of.

Included in your London barista hire is our full branding experience. Our in-house creative team have what it takes to tailor each aspect to your brand’s identity, from 3-sided counters and branded takeaway cups to cappuccino stencils complete with your company logo. If you have something in mind which is a little different to what we usually offer, let us know, and we’ll see if we can facilitate your request.

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The Complete Package

Here at Tom’s Coffee, we have a lot to offer for clients who choose our barista hire. London clients can take advantage of our standard packages, which include:

  • 6ft, 3-sided Branded Coffee Bar Complete with Your Logo
  • A 2-group Espresso Machine and Water Management System
  • Grinder
  • Branded Coffee Cups and Cappuccino Stencil
  • All Consumables (e.g. milk, sugar, lids, napkins, etc.)
  • Tea and Hot Chocolate Menu

Plus, our standard package also includes a uniformed barista to serve your customers. So, whatever it is you need, you can derive peace of mind that Tom’s Coffee has you covered with the best barista hire, London has to offer.

Barista Hire London

Why Choose Our London Barista Hire Service?

Around 13 years ago, Tom’s Coffee was founded. The creative vision of Tom Hawkins, the purpose of Tom’s Coffee was to bring together corporate ventures and delicious tasting beverages. Seeing a connection between the two and how coffee could be the key to tapping into marketing opportunities, Tom pressed ahead with developing our services.

Today, we are considered one of the UK’s best options for barista hire. London is just one of the many areas that we cater to – in fact, our hire services are available throughout the country and even across Europe. With a fleet of mobile vans, a large selection of machines and grinders, and a fully trained team; we’re confident in our ability to provide our customers with complete satisfaction.

“It was great to have a team I could trust and rely on to deliver with professionalism and speed”

Our single origin coffee is fully traceable to its country of origin. We work closely with roasters who supply us with the most freshly harvested green beans. The result is a taste that ranges from sweet and well-nuanced to heavy bodied, syrupy flavours with notes of chocolate and caramel. Whether you’re a fan of milky, sweet drinks or prefer your coffee straight up with nothing added, you’ll find our barista hire in London to be most accommodating.

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