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Pride, Passion and Experience is What Makes Our Coffee the Best Around

Tom’s Coffee has over a decade of experience in delivering high-quality, specially brewed coffee and in that time we have always clung on to our passion for the product. Our great tasting beverage is part of what makes us many organisers’ number one choice when considering coffee machine hire for events.

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Find Out Why So Many Others Use Our Unique Event Coffee Bar

Our focus on the customer experience is just one other reason why we are the ideal choice for coffee machine hire for events. Regarding our clients, we always respect the wishes of the organiser and will never impose or dictate the event we are to be part of. It’s imperative to us that we build lasting relationships with our clients, a goal that has helped us build a loyal client base over the years.


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When it comes to the customers we serve at the events, we always deliver the same level of customer service that would be expected from prestigious high street coffee shops. As such, all staff at our mobile coffee station carry out their jobs in a friendly and helpful manner which makes customers happy with and means they leave events satisfied.

Even before renewed interest in coffee shops skyrocketed in recent years, we at Tom’s Coffee have always practised excellent customer service and offered a variety of different brews. This experience puts us ahead of our competitors in a sense that we’re already accustomed to meeting the high expectations of both customers and clients. We feel that this makes us the go-to choice when considering who to choose regarding coffee machine hire for events.

“It was great to have a team I could trust and rely on to deliver with professionalism and speed”

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