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Crossfit and a Refit

Crossfit and a Refit

Alongside providing corporate barista services across Europe, Tom’s Coffee is completely mobile and our team can often be found serving delicious coffee inside our unique French vans. As a large amount of our work is based outdoors, from The Great Yorkshire Show to Henley Regatta and numerous other international events, we like to think we’ve got event-going coffee lovers covered – literally anywhere. 

Each van is managed by our setup team, on site 24 hours before an event, managing stock and pre-empting any issues. We provide coffee machines for hire in Leeds – which we also use on events, so the team on hand ensure we’re ready to go with the appropriate machines for each event (depending on the location and how busy it’ll be). To keep up with demand on busy events, we’ve fitted two brand new Expobar machines onto our J7, next to two autofill boilers for non coffee based orders.

Recently, our new Peugeot J7 had its first outing. Originally a run down horse box from France, we brought it over to Harrogate to be transformed into a signature mobile Tom’s Coffee van. It went through a long process of being completely refurbished: everything from getting the engine running, adding a service hatch, plumbing and electrics, to the smaller touches like adding tiling and wood countertops for display. Before it could be ‘coffee-worthy’, it had to be put on the trailer and whisked off to our sign writers. There, it was covered in Porsche Crayon, which perfectly complimented it’s new black rims for a super smart look. Our logo and menu was added next to the hatch, with some new adjustments. Due to an increased demand in plant based milks, we’ve added ‘non dairy’ options where customers will be able to see what range of alternatives we have on the day. This not only provides our customers with variations, it also helps us along the path to becoming a more sustainable business*.

After a morning at the sign writers, our Peugeot J7 was towed by Barista Tom (who’s more than just a latte art genius) to Manchester, at the National Squash Centre, for Crossfit. The sun was shining and our cross-fitters were ready and waiting for their caffeine hits. Orders included OATLY cappuccinos, soya lattes and lots of double espressos (a great energy boost pre-exercise). Every customer walked away happy with their drink of choice, and needless to say our team were pleased to be working on a sparkling new unit with brand new machines!

Our J7’s next outing is for a corporate barista service in Accrington… it’s time for the winter weather to move on and the sun to shine (on our glistening new paintwork…)

We’re always available for mobile barista hire, which can include our vans, too. Whether it be for weddings or birthdays to sporting events and festivals, we will to bring the Tom’s Coffee experience to you, anywhere, anytime.

*With sustainability in mind … we have also designed our own Tom’s Coffee Keep Cups, which you can purchase at any event, and soon on various online retailers, too. We are constantly striving to improve our eco footprint! This can also be said for our corporate coffee bars- we provide any sustainable option our clients request.