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Pop Up Coffee Shop

Are you taking your business to an event or exhibition and need something a little unique to stand out from the competition?

Utilising a pop-up coffee shop at these events is a great way to draw in clients and, at Tom’s Coffee, that is exactly what we provide. With a wide range of packages available, we can provide you with an entirely bespoke service, so call us today on 03333 444917 to find out more.

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How Can a Mobile Coffee Bar Help your Business?

When you attend events and exhibitions to showcase your business, you’ll find that the competition can be tough. This is why you need to find ways to stand out from your competition, and our mobile coffee unit is perfect. We specialise in providing a bespoke corporate barista service, giving your business a competitive advantage by enticing clients to your stand and keeping them there. In turn, this gives your team the chance to build relationships and sell your products and services.

Mobile Coffee Bar

With Tom’s Coffee, we can provide you with a bespoke branding package that truly highlights your business. A branded pop-up coffee shop includes a range of features to help show off your business. We are a creative organisation so, if you require something a little different, please let us know.

Our standard branding packages for your mobile coffee unit include:

  • 6ft, 3-Sided Branded Coffee Bar with your Logo on
  • Highest Quality 2 Group Espresso Machine and Water Management System
  • 1 x On Demand Grinder
  • 1 x Professional, Uniformed Barista
  • Branded Coffee Cups and Cappuccino Stencil
  • All Stock and Consumables (Milk, Sugar, Lids, Napkins, etc.)

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Our Coffee

At Tom’s Coffee, the quality of our coffee is at the heart of our success. The coffee we use is one of the most important elements to delivering a successful event, and this can be tailored to your specification.

We work with roasters who roast single origin coffees and work very closely to the seasons of the coffee growing world. This ensures we buy and serve the most freshly harvested green beans. As a company, we like to use coffee that is traceable back to the grower and farm.

One such coffee we use on our mobile coffee bar is from the Minas Gerais region in West Brazil. Brazilian coffee is not generally high-grown and a lower growing altitude means Brazilian coffees are relatively low in acidity. As a result, they tend to be round, sweet, and well-nuanced rather than big and bright.

We also use coffee from Central America on our pop-up coffee shop. The coffee growing countries of Central America produce coffees of a similar profile and are used interchangeably in the blend depending on the harvest period. These add sweetness, gentle acidity, and balance to the blend.

Why Choose Tom’s Coffee’s Pop Up Coffee Shop?

Here at Tom’s Coffee, we are a Yorkshire company that offers a national service of coffee solutions for brand activations at exhibitions, conferences, and public events. We travel all over the UK and Europe attending conferences and events, providing a mobile coffee unit on behalf of our clients.

Our company has been established for 13 years and we are now one of the largest mobile coffee businesses in the UK. With 12 mobile units and 32 coffee machines and grinders, we are the ideal company to provide a comprehensive pop-up coffee shop for your business.

When it comes to excellent quality coffee, we always exceed client expectations. We are always tasting new coffee’s to find something special that will only add to the customer’s experience. Additionally, our customer-focused team will ensure happy clients with our mobile coffee bar, and happy clients mean more business opportunities.

Our aim at Tom’s Coffee is to give our clients 100% satisfaction by being the best we can be. The best coffee, the best service, and the best experience are only available through our pop-up coffee shop.

“It was great to have a team I could trust and rely on to deliver with professionalism and speed”

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For further information on how we can help your business with a pop-up coffee shop, please contact Tom’s Coffee today on 03333 444917. Alternatively, you can email us at enquiry@tomscoffee.co.uk or fill out our simple online form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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